1. What is the QUEST?
  2. The Quick Enneagram Sorting Test is known by the acronym QUEST. It is quick because it consists of just two questions, as compared to longer assessments that may consist of over one hundred questions. The two question QUEST accurately sorts people into one of nine basic personality types, just like the longer assessments.

  3. How accurate is the QUEST?
  4. The QUEST is very accurate at determining someone's predominant personality type. The QUEST's power comes from how the choices are built in a sophisticated way with subtle trade offs.

  5. Why does The Love Process use the QUEST?
  6. The high degree of accuracy and low testing time make the QUEST a great tool. Members will appreciate the time savings, and joy, of taking a much shorter assessment.

    The creators of the QUEST are the same creators of the much longer assessment; the creators realized that fewer questions, of higher quality, could be almost as, or more, accurate.